The 21 day online mindfulness program with a difference

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Do You Want To De-Stress Your Life?

Slowing life down is easy when you know how. Our course shows you the way to slow down, take stock and focus on what’s important in life. Taking control of your life now by living in the present. Just stop, breathe and focus.

Remember if you value where you are, where you are will have more value.

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Do you want to be in control of your eating?

Imagine if you had total control of your eating and the difference it would make to your life! Our course introduces you to mindful eating techniques which really make you notice what you are eating. Noticing how you are eating is a huge step to a healthier diet. Simply by applying these techniques to meal times, you will soon be enjoying your food more and eating less.
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Do You want To Improve Your Relationships?

Sometimes relationships can suffer because of a lack of understanding of each others needs, we behave in a way which is not congruent to a healthy relationship. By Being mindful of who you are and who is important to you, you will discover how to improve your relationships with yourself and others with mindful practice and NLP techniques

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What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about learning to understand yourself. Mindfulness is just becoming aware of your here and now experience, both internally and in the external world around you. It heightens your awareness and gives you a space in the present moment to be able to make better decisions.

It’s about slowing down the process of your living and enjoying moments of calm. Noticing what is going on around you. Putting things in to perspective.

No matter who you are, where you are, what you are doing and what resources you have in your present life, you have the ability to value life more by becoming mindful of it.

  • De-stress your life
  • Get on better with people
  • Control your eating
  • Easy to do
  • Simple steps

What You get

  • 8 mindfulness videos streamed directly to your device, just watch and follow the rules.
  • 3 mindfulness audios designed to support the program and help you on your way
  • The mindful living E-book to download
  • Mindfulness emails delivered to your inbox, giving you support on your journey
  • Mindfulness and NLP techniques to take with you and practice

What people Are Saying

  • Slow down I thought, yeah right, but I now it all the time!

    Yeah Right!
  • The course has helped me a lot. Loved the bit on relationships its just what i needed. Thanks slimthinkers

    Deb – Hinckley Uk
  • Straight forward and to the point with no waffle you sometimes get with these things. best point, I enjoy meals more now.

    Simon – NZ
  • Nice calming voice with great advice. i missed so much of things around me before this course. Thanks Mark and Paul

    Rachel – member